Working with your Healthcare Team

You are not alone in this journey. Your entire healthcare team — which can include your primary care doctor, specialists, dietitians, therapists and a home care company — are all dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcomes possible for your loved one.

The following suggestions can help you to partner with your healthcare team:

  1. Communicate and report any changes in your loved one's health. Avoid telling yourself, "Oh, it's probably nothing" when your instincts tell you otherwise. Many healthcare professionals also have online portals which can make it easy to email your concerns about the person you are caring for.
  2. Follow instructions. If you are unclear about anything, contact your healthcare team.
  3. Embrace your roll as advocate. Remember that the your healthcare team is working for one goal — your loved one's best care.
Peptamen® Formula Fact Sheet

Download this helpful information to share with your healthcare team.

Tips, Tools & Resources

Maintaining Personal Health

Tips for keeping your mouth, nose or tube site healthy while tube feeding.

Let's "Break It Down"

Facts about protein and peptides.

Go for the Goals

Use this worksheet to help track your prescribed tube-feeding schedule.

Quick Links

Additional resources on tube feeding, caregiving and more.

Tube-Feeding Troubleshooting

Helpful Information for navigating problems such as clogs.


A variety of taste options for those who consume Peptamen® formula orally.